Tony Dash

Tony Dash lives in Liverpool. His third collection of poetry, Epoch, has just come out, published by Driftwood.

Titles by Tony Dash

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Tony Dash?s third collection ? his first since 1982. Developing all sorts of emotional parallels between his own life and the lives of renowned painters, musicians and writers, his poetry is strongest where those parallels converge. He sets a stage for the presentation of poems that operate against a quite illusory backdrop of all the traditional poetic themes; love loss, sex, death, draining from each every single drop of sentimentality, injecting everything he writes with irony, self-deprecation, a yawning air of resignation and a sometimes comic view of the human condition including, of course, his own.

Price £7.00


  • ISBN 1 904420 02 8
  • Publisher Driftwood
  • Genre Poetry
  • Extent 56pp


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