The Hat Check Boy

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Mike Duff


Small time con artist, Duncan, aka The Drunk, would never have dreamt up the plan to rob the casino where he works IF it hadn’t been Chinese Moon Cake Day, IF Strange Steve hadn’t found the gun in the empty acid-bath tub, IF the divorce lawyers hadn’t started bleeding him double time, IF his boss Bella hadn’t laid down the final straw with that derisory two cans of lager pay off…

The Hat Check Boy is a moving and tragic comedy of errors – it shows us a man against life’s ropes, clinging on, hoping to land the one knock out blow that will transform him from loser to champ.

Mike Duff was born and raised in some of Manchester’s less salubrious neighbourhoods. He is: the winner of the Poem for Manchester competition in 2004; a die-hard Man-United supporter; a writer of short stories, poems and novels


Praise for Mike Duff’s first novel, Low Life:

‘punchy, brash and funny’ - The Guardian

‘It's very fast and very funny, richocheting between caustic social comment and moments of real tenderness.’ - City Life

Price £7.99

ISBN 9780946745920
Publisher Commonword / Crocus
Genre Fiction
Extent 224pp

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