The Tiger's Cave

294The Tiger's Cave cover image

Bill Rogers


Twelve bodies, no motive, the hunt is on.  A lorry full of illegal Chinese immigrants arrives in Hull.  Twenty four hours later their bodies are discovered close to the M62 motorway.  Two young men man and a girl are missing, and their lives are at risk. Supported by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, Caton must travel to China to pick up the trail.  But he knows that the solution is closer to home in Manchester's Chinatown...and time is running out.


The third book in the Tom Caton Manchester Crime Series


"Fast moving,descriptive,well researched and full of intrigue.  An excellent example of the genre."  Alan Wheatley

Price £9.99

ISBN 9780956422019
Publisher Caton Books
Genre Fiction
Set in Greater Manchester
Extent 349pp

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