Bad Taste Reading Group

When : 26th July 2017 - 6:00pm
Where : Bluecoat Arts Centre
Price : Free

Join us for Bad Taste, a monthly reading and discussion group that focuses on the relationship between social values and art.

Each month, our conversations will be framed by a short, key reading; texts will be made available to participants before hand.

The Bad Taste Reading Group is intended to open up reflections on art - and the social judgements that surround it - in an informal, supportive discussion group. Thinkers addressed will include Mary Douglas; Janet Wolff; Pierre Bourdieu; Nicholas Bourriand; Bruno Latour; Donna Haraway; and Howard Becker.

Each session will be facilitated by Dr Paul Jones, Bluecoat's Sociologist-in-Residence, and Bluecoat's curator Adam Smythe. Over the course of the year they will also devise an evolving art and sociology reading library which will be situated in Bluecoat's cafe from 1 March 2017.

To book a ticket for Bad Taste, please call 0151 702 5324 or email Tickets & Information on Free but booking required!


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