Cross Platform Narratives - Writing for Print, Screen and Live

When : 1st March 2018 - 6:30pm
Where : Waterside Arts Centre
Price : £5.00

CIT presents a panel discussion on new platforms for storytellers.

As new platforms for stories continue to emerge alongside traditional channels for writers how do storytellers create narratives that can adapt from print to stage to screen?

When a story can appear as a graphic novel, an app, a novel and a TV show, how can writers adapt their work for different platforms?

This panel discussion features:

Dan Cooper (Development Producer at BBC Interactive)
Ric Michael (producer, Aeon: Miracle app and ex Head of Development at Baby Cow, Manchester)
Richard Evans (writer / director, Aeon: Miracle app and live events)
Our guests will also look at what commissioners are looking for from storytellers.

To book, call Waterside's box office on 0161 912 5616 or visit our website:


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