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John Latham


Zack is a crawler. He’s been crawling all his life. He has an instinct for it, a skill for cancelling out all those sucking noises you make when your palms and knees rise out of the mud. He has an ear for the ditch’s subtler traffic too: the bubblings, chitterings, chuckles and gasps, the slow drownings and the unexpected surfacings. Zack’s ditch - sometimes a tunnel, a corridor, or the interior of a blood-blister – leads him effortlessly through childhood memories and present experiences alike. The sublime surrealism of his slimy shuffling fits perfectly with the absurdity of his earliest experiences, and the baseness of his present life - the breakdown of his marriage, his petty acts of revenge against his philandering wife, and the beginnings of a new friendship and a new life.

List Price £7.95
Price £5.00

ISBN 9781857547689
Publisher Comma Press
Genre Fiction
Set in Cheshire
Extent 240pp


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