Useful Knowledge: What Do You Use Books For?

When : 12th January 2017 - 6:00pm
Where : Bluecoat Arts Centre
Price : £3.00

Typographer Mark Simmonds presents a performance lecture in Bluecoat Library based on his publication Book, commissioned for Auto Agents. Book in part explores different ways of reading, and the possibilities and constraints of the printed page as an active site for interaction and exchange.

"There was an old, delicate, lingering odour about it, such an odour as sometimes haunts an ancient piece of furniture for a century or more. The end-papers, inside the binding, were oddly decorated with coloured patterns and faded gold. It looked small, but the paper was fine, and there were many leaves, closely covered with minute, painfully formed characters. Arthur Machen, The White People, 1904.

Don't miss this if you're interested in books and publishing!


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